sábado, 25 de junio de 2011


There was once a very angry but disgusted with the injustices of the world protestedSun Without a penny in his pocket, protesting against the bailout of the banks because he had never saved a dollar in his life, wanted the redistribution of wealth not only of the great magnates but also of those passing with great effort and many hardships had managed to have something, also said that the land belongs to everyone, not those who work in the sweat of his brow. He asked and asked in his letter to Santa Claus, personified in particular Rubalcaba that after all was who led him to his tent sausagesandwiches he loved so much together with a good beer, but one day this outrage very angry you won the lottery and went to sit in the office of director of branch and offered adeposit of particular interest to large customers and was so happy to never againindignant.

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