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Market evolution. Jorge de Lalama. Chapter II. Mass psychology. Part I.

Images from the book Mass Psychology of G. Le Bon

Mass is a mental unit considerably lower than each of its individual units that acts in the same direction drawn by a common idea, acting consciously dominated by an unconscious idea loses its personality to make any meaningful decision. It is mesmerized by the idea of an operator, paralyzed her brain activity, moves in the sense that the move of market. Accountability to the failure to do so because others disappears is not an individual but a collective failure.

Mass actions also affect individual institutions that are isolated but can better withstand the devastating effects that people who compose lobotomized because the masses is always less than the individual.

The masses are volatile and given to the suggestion. Excitable by any agent or published data. Only rational individual can interpret isolated as something that is part of a process while it is true that the survival of a financial system depends on these eliminating fluctuacioines consolidate the weak position of the strongest. The difficulty is finding the right balance between stability and variability.

The images are converted into the mindset of the mams, becoming his motives of action. The trials that the masses are only accepted taxes and never discussed. The image of the planes striking the Twin Towers on 11-S was the pretext to invade Iraq again.

Fiananciero system is a body created by the past. Like any organism, can not be changed except by slow hereditary accumulations. So the primary task of governments should be to save the institutions of the past and changing gradually phase them.

The institutions do not have any intrinsic virtue, as such are neither good nor bad, only that trial can be issued against persons who run them.

It is the character of peoples and not the rulers that determines destiny.

The trial, experience, initiative, character, are the prerequisites for success in life and not in the texts in which we learn.

One of the most essential functions of the statesmen, is to baptize people with words or at least neutral things more hated by the masses under their former names and the word nationalization. The power of words is so large that simply choose the corresponding terms to gain acceptance of the most odious.

The art of the rulers, as the lawyers Delos is in knowing how to handle words.

The illusion is more real as it gets. The stock price is almost never objective is an illusion based on the expectations of two parts, the selling because they think that their actions can download and purchase the one that has better expectations for them.

The world's biggest economy needs a leader of high moral character and will of iron. His will is the nucleus around which they form and identify the views. The crowd is a flock that knows no lack of love. The crowd always listens to the man with a strong will. Because individuals lose all mass meeting will instinctively turn to him who possesses it.

Do not let yourself break the trends. We must always maintain a strong and persistent.

The constantly repeated assertion leads to the belief in the idea but the reality is opposed to it. If you constantly say and repeat the magic words "green shoots" will believe that although Firment in the unemployment rate continues to increase. The aim is to create a climate of opinion favorable acara being assimilated and given by veradera to catching one individual to another.

The opinions and beliefs are propagated through the mechanism of contagion, and very little, however, by reasoning.

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